Frontend/API Workshop 2021-02-17 10:00

Participants: Stefan Eichert, Nina Brundke, Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschicek, Christoph Hoffmann

Roadmap 2021

Planning of a general Frontend and API roadmap and a CONNEC specific Frontend in the light of Leeds presence in July 2021.

  • March - basic details #1453 #1432
  • April - specific detatils
  • May - specials like network visualizations
  • June - adaptions for specifics frontend like CONNEC and MoByz
We plan next workshop at end of March to check our progress and adapt the roadmap if needed.


  • 5 main entities must be visible: ACTOR, SOURCE, EVENT, PLACE, OBJECT
    • all entities: full list (Entity icon ,Name, Type/Classification, Begin/From, End/To)
    • per entity: entity list (Name, Type/Classification, Begin/From, End/To)
    • PLACES, OBJECT: map list (Name, Type/Classification, Begin/From, End/To) / Marker Icon(or color) per entity type
  • Map overview for every geometry in the system
    • marker links to overview popup of entities connected to that geometry (XHR call)
    • try to include full list of entities in marker popup
  • Entity detail views
      • basic information(e.g. name, aliases, time, classification(class/type), description
      • map (API - flag to include geometries from connected entities)
      • image gallery
      • type relations - value types incl values
      • type relations - custom types
      • admin units/taxonomy
      • external references
      • sources - primary source, bibliographic source, edition source, external urls, external reference systems, files as list
      • relations to ACTOR
        • direct relations (Entity, Event, AcquisitionEvent) - relation details to be implemented in API
        • secondary relations to be implemented in API or requested by subsequent requests
      • relations to EVENT
      • relations to PLACE


  • System class name for administrative units and historical places (e.g. to select forms for it at types or reference systems)
    Call them admninstative units
  • #1456 - same as find (CIDOC class, ... only difference is that finds are shown at places) to also share standard type. Or these are different things and can't share standard types (but all other types)
    Merge find, artifact and information carrier to artifact which is also preparation for next CIDOC version. They than also share the same standard type.

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