Meeting 2021-03-19

Participants: Stefan Eichert, Nina Brundke, Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschicek, Christoph Hoffmann

Berni made a cool double chocolate cake to celebrate 6.0.0 release.

Discuss newest cooperation request
We like it and may be an interesting opertunity to add function bibliographical information

We like the idea and may try it July or August (Alex & Nina)

Image carousel for screenshots at project website

Layout for #1457: Public notes and #1443: List view for entities missing a specific type
Done, descriptions updated

Allow characters in (value) types
Declined because it's better to keep data structured

Discuss fancy visualizations using d3.js and others
Done by Stefan and Nina

OpenAtlas Discovery
Christoph showed new presentation site proto type (OpenAtlas Discovery) and we discussed deteails.

  • Types display*
    • ignore "crm:P2_has_type" in relations display
    • ignore "crm:Appelation/ActorAppelation" in relations display
    • fetch type hierarchy in bootstrapping - API endpoint
  • Related items*
    • involvement? -- will be included in API output

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