Shahi meeting 2022-04-01

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Nina Richards
  • Shahi: Ehsan Shavarebi, Gosia Lenko, Natasha Kimmet, Sandrina Schwarz

This meeting is about showing how to enter archeological data into the Shahi OpenAtlas instance for new colleagues.


  • Public protocol -> ok
  • Redmine issue tracker
  • Adapting the user profile (e.g. activate newsletter)
  • #1590 discuss question about artifact records "inscriptions" box -> solved

Inventory number

For information like inventory or accession which is now noted in the description field we add a new reference system Inventory number which is more suited to track this kind of information.
The inventory numbers are related to different institutions like museums and because there are too many to create an own reference system for each we only one (Inventory number) will be used.
For display at the presentation site the inventory number could be shown in combination with the owner (e.g. a museum)
New entries will be created using the reference system Inventory number. Former notion in the description will be transformed over time by the Shahi time.

Linking artifacts directly to places

Because this feature (#1587) isn't implemented yet (but already on roadmap) we created the custom type Location to track this information for now.
Once the feature is implemented we will use a script to transform information tracked with this type to artifact -> place relations.

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