Developers Meeting, 2019-10-28, 15:30

Participants: Stefan Eichert, Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschicek, Christoph Hoffmann and special guest Rainer Simon

Location: ACDH meeting room, Vienna


  • Work at weekend and free days not expected nor needed
  • Email communication: enough but prevent unwanted mails
  • Documentation - high priority
  • Redmine: new tracker "Question"

New projects

  • New ACDH cooperation: Moving Byzantium
  • Find a common development project -> not accepted

#1049 Software updates

  • Already started
  • Release this year
  • Update of develop branch? -> accepted

#905 Update CIDOC CRM

  • Recommendation from CIDOC CRM SIG: update to 6.2.1. (we are using currently 5.0.4-1)

#1048 Bootstrap

  • Update -> implementation of npm in progress

#1050 API

  • Small presentation from Rainer Simon
  • Feedback and suggestions for the API development

Starting with JSON resp. GeoJSON representation of OpenAtlas data using Linked places format
Linked Places uses JSON-LD syntax and can therefore be used as valid RDF too
Using GeoJSON-T it can be extended by temporal attributes
"relations" in the syntax can be used to represent CIDOC-CRM mappings

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