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#1064 In conception phase, draft by Stefan:

Due to the increasing complexity and additional features regarding written sources and their interconnections we need to reorganise the respective UI.
It should be easy to distinguish between:


  1. Content: Source Content (summary of the content), Source Translation, Source Transliteration on one hand and further linked entities like the
  2. Information Carrier (physical object like the letter, paper, papyrus etc.)
  3. References bibliographic references (e.g. Edition of the charter, further bibliography) and external references
  4. Identification All written sources are custodied in a library/archive/museum, are identified with a univocal identifier. I propose that these concepts Archive and identifier stay in relevant place (similar to Name/title). Maybe through E15. I understand that could be via artifact, but I would like more straight. If it must be done in artifact, also it lacks this concept. Alternatively, it will be useful some example in Manual

Entities referred to by the content

  1. Actors mentioned in the content
  2. Places mentioned in the content
  3. Events mentioned in the content

Entities involved in creation of the source

  1. Creators/writers/involved actors of the information carrier
  2. Place of creation
  3. Date of creation Could be different of artifact creation date

Linking between event entities from the content

  1. Activity including location where it took place and involved actors along with dates
  2. Acquisition including place/property that changed ownership along with new and old owner plus dates

Further links

  1. Move of information carrier/physical object in case of e.g. letter exchange along with date and start/end location

One thing more

  1. Feature #1970: Sub Documents for sources

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