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11:28 OpenAtlas Feature #2159 (Closed): Update Catalan and Spanish translations
I have revised translations of Catalan and Spanish in a alternative:feature_translations_ca_es
and created a pull ...
Enric Rodellas


23:06 OpenAtlas Feature #2010 (Closed): Manual: document missing +Link button for events at place
It is not possible to link existing events at a place view in the event tab. Because this raised questions (see below... Enric Rodellas


10:24 OpenAtlas Bug #2002 (Closed): API: export_database doesn't export correct json
http://localhost:8080/api/0.3/export_database/json exports a mixed json and python dict.
Only is correct labels of ...
Enric Rodellas


14:39 OpenAtlas Feature #1962: API: Entity export functions as Markdown
Hello Bernhard,
I attach 2 files
* Markdown template for author
* Resulting pdf (from Vscode)
Notice that in m...
Enric Rodellas


20:06 OpenAtlas Feature #1974 (Acknowledged): Reference management system for biblio references
See discussion
Most of todays scientific resp. research publications have...
Enric Rodellas
18:59 OpenAtlas Feature #1961: Installation via Docker
Thank you very much for your notes.
I have carefully followed your instructions, ( but I can't initialize...
Enric Rodellas


21:15 OpenAtlas Feature #1961: Installation via Docker
I think would be very useful to add some external port to acces to database. Specially for adminsitrative tasks.
Enric Rodellas
21:13 OpenAtlas Feature #1961: Installation via Docker
I don't get recovered my last dump following instructions uncommenting...
Enric Rodellas
19:54 OpenAtlas Question #1972 (Closed): Add external link references to E31 Document - bibliographic
I would like to add external link references to *E31 Document* (books and articles) but when I try to define a new ex... Enric Rodellas


10:41 OpenAtlas Feature #1970 (Acknowledged): Sub documents for sources
Many of the source documents we read contain parts that can be considered subdocuments. For example, a notary has a r... Enric Rodellas

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