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12:25 OpenAtlas Feature #1818 (Closed): Check Manual
Changes made! Thanks, Nina. Silvia Gomez Senovilla


11:42 OpenAtlas Question #1894 (Closed): How to map a grave in a house
Silvia Gomez Senovilla


20:45 OpenAtlas Question #1894: How to map a grave in a house
Thank you Stefan!, I think I will go with the first option of graves as features and see. I am not really focusing in... Silvia Gomez Senovilla


14:40 OpenAtlas Feature #1825 (Closed): Check Redmine Wiki
Closing this issue because now I know how to change it myself. Silvia Gomez Senovilla
14:37 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Api (#138)
Fixed link for Linkedtraces Silvia Gomez Senovilla
14:32 OpenAtlas Feature #1818: Check Manual
Now it would be a good time to adapt the already noted changes. Assigning to Nina, politely asking when she has time ... Silvia Gomez Senovilla
13:50 OpenAtlas Question #1894 (Closed): How to map a grave in a house
I have a place, there is a house that contains one or more graves. These graves are different from the graves outside... Silvia Gomez Senovilla


13:10 OpenAtlas Administration #1830: New OpenAtlas T-Shirts
- Silvia
1 S (female)
1 M (male) - for Mois├ęs
Silvia Gomez Senovilla


14:21 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Notes (#126)
Silvia Gomez Senovilla
13:58 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Code_review (#12)
Silvia Gomez Senovilla

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