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How to map a grave in a house

Added by Silvia Gomez Senovilla about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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I have a place, there is a house that contains one or more graves. These graves are different from the graves outside the domestic areas.
I would start with creating a place, adding a house as a feature of the place, but I´m not sure how to proceed from there. Can someone please give advice?

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Updated by Stefan Eichert about 1 year ago

As the archaeological hierarchy is based on 4 Levels, this depends on how you define your entities. If you consider all the graves to be part of one site, then you could record all the graves as features of that very site and for example create a custom type for the "in house" graves. In that case the type marks the graves as different from the others.

Or, if you do it as your suggestion was, then the house is the feature that contains the individuals. However, if you want to record information on the grave (e.g. grave shape, grave construction) for the individual graves, this would then not be possible, as the house serves as the container for the individuals.

It is a bit related to #1647 (See my comment at the bottom)

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Updated by Silvia Gomez Senovilla about 1 year ago

Thank you Stefan!, I think I will go with the first option of graves as features and see. I am not really focusing in individuals (most times, there are none left) but the key here is more related to the burial being underneath the houses or in an external cemetery... so I'll create the "in house" custom type graves. Thank you!

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Updated by Silvia Gomez Senovilla about 1 year ago

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