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13:52 OpenAtlas Feature #1292 (Acknowledged): Additional fields for e.g. inventory numbers
It would be amazing if the "Alias" field would be available on other levels besides "Places" as well - especially on ... Nina Brundke


15:13 OpenAtlas Feature #1284 (Acknowledged): Show pictures instead of/in addition to map
Seeing a picture instead/additional to the map when entering data would be highly desired. Possibly by switching betw... Nina Brundke
15:10 OpenAtlas Feature #1282 (Closed): Additional submit buttons for sub units
An additional submit button would be useful, especially for collecting archaeological data. In addition to the "inser... Nina Brundke


15:36 OpenAtlas Bug #1218 (Closed): Resizeable form elements vanish below map
I keep having a problem with the map when enlarging the field for putting in information. The map does not get small ... Nina Brundke
12:28 OpenAtlas Feature #1216 (Acknowledged): Citation
Would it be possible to show the article/book, that is cited as main source for a site first when picking a reference... Nina Brundke


16:18 OpenAtlas Feature #1089: Human Remains
Dear all,
it would be good to have the skull separate from the upper body in any case, maybe an extra possibility fo...
Nina Brundke


15:25 OpenAtlas Feature #1108 (Acknowledged): Repository of bone material
Adding a possibility to report the repository (museum XY, University XY, reburied, lost without a trace, etc.) of ant... Nina Brundke


16:11 OpenAtlas Feature #1091 (Acknowledged): References for Types
To enable referencing various types with certain established and defined as well as online published it would be nece... Nina Brundke
15:53 OpenAtlas Feature #1090 (Assigned): Radiocarbon Dating
Concept for adding radiocarbon data: "laboratory + sample No.: 14C year ± range BP"
laboratory: identifies the lab...
Nina Brundke
15:44 OpenAtlas Feature #1089 (Closed): Human Remains
We'd like to create a new user interface aimed at mapping the different bones of the human remains and the reported a... Nina Brundke

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