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14:41 OpenAtlas Feature #1998 (Closed): Project List Homepage
As Zachary mentioned in the proofs of our MAMEMS article, the project list on the website should be updated (https://... Nina Richards


15:58 OpenAtlas Feature #1973 (Resolved): Manual: document linking artifact with places
Nina Richards
15:58 OpenAtlas Feature #1973: Manual: document linking artifact with places
A short description of how to deal with linking multiple places to an artificial via a move event was added to the ma... Nina Richards


18:24 OpenAtlas Question #1978 (Closed): Images in wrong order
I uploaded multiple images at once into the THANADOS instance today (connected to a reference - here: https://thanado... Nina Richards


10:58 OpenAtlas Feature #1868 (In Progress): Mission statement
I have started to write a mission statement. The next steps would be if everyone is fine with it in its current state... Nina Richards


09:58 OpenAtlas Feature #1932 (Closed): Manual: radiocarbon dating
Nina Richards


15:08 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Sphinx_documentation (#20)
Nina Richards
14:49 OpenAtlas Bug #1958 (Closed): Multiple submits at dynamic add entity function
I've run into a bug today. When I go to e.g. an actor and want to set a "born in", then press the +place button to cr... Nina Richards


11:31 OpenAtlas Feature #1004: Dates before 4713 BC
Is there any news about this issue? We have finds and sites to track within bITEM that are from 50.000 BC and it is n... Nina Richards


10:21 OpenAtlas Feature #1932 (Assigned): Manual: radiocarbon dating
I wrote a manual entry on how to use the new tool. The mapping and how it can be resolved with CIDOC is still missing... Nina Richards

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