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09:44 OpenAtlas Bug #1413 (Closed): Value fields do not open
After the last update I cannot open all fields were I could add values/numbers (e.g. dimensions, count, absolute age ... Jennifer Portschy


15:10 OpenAtlas Feature #1283 (Closed): More detailed type display
If possible, please create a type of display that makes it clearer to which category the selected types belong e.g. a... Jennifer Portschy
12:07 OpenAtlas Feature #1280 (Closed): Picture Preview
As discussed in the workshop:
would it be possible to show small picture previews in the list (by "touching" it wi...
Jennifer Portschy


14:52 OpenAtlas Bug #1235 (Closed): Layout issues with forms on smaller screens

On smaller screens (e.g. my 15'' Laptop) the Description field overlays the map. Also, the Clear - buttons jump f...
Jennifer Portschy


12:27 OpenAtlas Bug #1166 (Closed): Bootstrap issues
Some points that occurred during the work with the new version:
Tabs cannot be opened with new tab. e.g.: Grave - ...
Jennifer Portschy


14:40 OpenAtlas Feature #1101 (Closed): Disable showing default images for reference
First image of a reference is taken automatically as a main image, even though not relevant for reference itself & ju... Jennifer Portschy

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