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09:08 OpenAtlas Administration #2264: OpenAtlas logo for dark mode
Sure :-) But I willl only get to it around the end of the week! Jan Belik


11:22 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2250: Dark mode logos for Approaching Byzantium and MAMEMS
There you go! Feel free to comment and request changes or different formats. Jan Belik


08:50 OpenAtlas Feature #2015: OpenAtlas poster
Thanks everybody for providing all materials and copywriting very quickly and for all your timely and constructive fe... Jan Belik


16:32 OpenAtlas Feature #2015: OpenAtlas poster
I edited the headline section and "unbolded" the second line. I would suggest to have first and second line in the sa... Jan Belik


11:41 OpenAtlas Feature #2015: OpenAtlas poster
I incorporated all the changes and corrections we discussed yesterday in this new version of the poster. It's in A3 r... Jan Belik


17:16 OpenAtlas Feature #2015: OpenAtlas poster
Hi everyone,
I created three "wireframe" layouts for you to consider. Everything is a placeholder and not a design ...
Jan Belik


15:08 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1850: New logo
Please tell me if you need anything else. file formats, sizes, etc.. Jan Belik
11:32 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1850: New logo
I attached a screenshot of the new versions of the logo: changed icon and changed color scheme. Both are working fine... Jan Belik


14:51 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1850: New logo
Alex just made me aware that the jpgs I uploaded looked very "neon" in his browser. Since my browser rendered the col... Jan Belik
14:13 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1850: New logo
To me i still registers as "Same logo, but in blue". :-) Guess, we'll have to disagree on the color but it still work... Jan Belik

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