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Connections between places, events and people

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I want to better connect actors and events with places in OpenAtlas. I have two issues with this:

1. How can I link places and events in letters? The place Sinitis is mentioned in epistula 84. I’ve added it as a place to the ‘source’ for epistula 84, but where can I include a description of what the connection between Sinitis the place and epistula 84 the event is?

2. Is there a way of connecting actor entries with places? The actor Lucillus is mentioned in connection with Sinitis - he doesn't reside there or visit Sinitis, but he has a connection nonetheless. But in the entry for 'actor' there is no place tab. Could one be added with a description so that I can mark a relationship between an actor and a place on the map, and describe what that connection is?

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Actors and places can be connected to an event. So first you would need an event (which is not the letter sent event) e.g. a meeting that was mentioned in a letter.

Than you can connect the entities (actor, event, place) if they are mentioned in the letter with the source. For that connection there is no description available because it's just a simple "was mentioned" relation.

Event + Place: Than you can connect the event with a place (location). Information about event and place can be entered in the event description (e.g. "it happened in the northern part of the city)

Event + Actor: Actors can be added to the event. Every actor can have their own type of participation, time span of participation and description. (e.g. Karl is connected with the meeting event, his activity was "participated in" and description could be "Everyone was surprised to see him there."

I hope that helps. If more clarification is needed please add a note, maybe with a more detailed example for an event where an actor was involved.

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Solved and closed, thank you for reporting.


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