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15:51 OpenAtlas Feature #1312 (Acknowledged): Accreditation
Dear Software Developers Team,
In the course of Becca Grose's placement with us, the issue of author accreditation...
Victoria Leonard


11:24 OpenAtlas Bug #1223 (Closed): Visibility of Full Entries
Hello Team OpenAtlas,
There is a problem with seeing full entries on the database. At the moment you have to cli...
Victoria Leonard


11:23 OpenAtlas Question #1219 (Closed): Missing entry
I've just noticed a missing entry. Source 'Epistula 190 Augustine to Optatus 7 (ca. 418)' [https://connec.a...
Victoria Leonard


17:02 OpenAtlas Feature #1159 (Closed): Multiple References to go into One Reference
I need some help with some of the references I've put into OpenAtlas. Alex made some changes to address this previous... Victoria Leonard


17:28 OpenAtlas Feature #1116 (Closed): Duplication of Edition Entries
Unfortunately there is a methodological disparity between how Alice and I are entering data into OpenAtlas. For refer... Victoria Leonard


18:58 OpenAtlas Question #1077 (Closed): Remove Super Subtype
In 'Custom Types' > 'Case Study', I want to remove the Super Category: 'Letter Collections 380-640 2 (521)', which is... Victoria Leonard


17:34 OpenAtlas Question #1075: Editing Notes
I think that the issue I was having with the note function was on Alice's account and before she was a manager, so I ... Victoria Leonard


17:54 OpenAtlas Question #1075 (Closed): Editing Notes
Many apologies if this is a stupid question, but how do I edit a note? I've inserted one, but I can't see how to chan... Victoria Leonard
17:51 OpenAtlas Feature #1074 (Acknowledged): Function to merge Duplicates
Is there a way to automatically merge duplicates? For instance, in the place category I have two 'Rome' entries, and ... Victoria Leonard
17:39 OpenAtlas Question #1073 (Closed): Connections between places, events and people
I want to better connect actors and events with places in OpenAtlas. I have two issues with this:
1. How can I lin...
Victoria Leonard

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