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I've just noticed a missing entry. Source 'Epistula 190 Augustine to Optatus 7 (ca. 418)' [] has no description. This is a long letter, and all other details for the letter, such as the actors, event, and reference, have been included, so I don't think that I have not created a description. Could you investigate what has happened?

Many thanks!




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Thank you for reporting. I will look into it this week.


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Dear Victoria, I looked into it but couldn't find a description or a reason why it could have gone missing. These are the results of my research:

  • The nearest backup I could find from home office was from 2020-03-24 but there wasn't a description
  • I checked the update scripts we used to merge entries but the last one was on 2020-03-05, so that couldn't have interfered
  • There was nothing in the error logs
  • Nobody reported similar issues
  • Nobody else edited the entry. History:
    2020-03-20 Victoria (update)
    2020-03-17 Victoria (update)
    2020-03-16 Victoria (update)
    2020-03-15 Victoria (created)

If you can remember parts of text you entered you could search for them with the Also search in description option in case it was saved somewhere else. I'm not sure what else I can do to help.

Please let me know if you have other ideas and definitely report if something similar should happen again.


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Closing ticket. Please reopen in case there are additional questions about it.

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