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Added by Victoria Leonard over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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In 'Custom Types' > 'Case Study', I want to remove the Super Category: 'Letter Collections 380-640 2 (521)', which is a super category for 'Augustine of Hippo - Letter Collection 497 (24)'. I want to make the 'Augustine of Hippo...' category the only category, and do away with the super cateogory 'Letter Collections...' without losing any data. Is it possible for you to merge these?

Many thanks for your help!


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Dear Victoria,

this should be possible for you without much work, the system is designed to easily make changes and restructuring of type hierarchies.

If I understand your requirements correctly you could follow this workflow:

  • Move connections you want to be linked to Augustine of Hippo - Letter Collection
    • Go into these types and click on the Entities tab e.g. at Letter Collections 380-640 (
    • Click on Move entities
    • In the form select the case study you want to move them to e.g. Augustine of Hippo - Letter Collection or leave it empty to only remove them.
    • Select all the entities you want or click Select all if you want move all
    • Click on Move
  • Cleanup
    • Edit the types that are empty after you moved the entities
    • Click on Delete

Note that it is not possible to delete types that still have connections or sub types, to prevent losing data. So you would have to delete them "bottom up".

Please try this out and close this ticket (change the status to Closed) if this solves your request.

If it doesn't solve your request and/or I misunderstood your question please be so kind to add a note to the ticket and set me as the Assignee.

Thank you very much for reporting (we will collect these question/workflow issues and add it to the new documentation after 4.0.0) and I hope that this information is of help,


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Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 4 years ago

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Solved and closed, thank you for reporting.


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