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In the OpenAtlas database a place is a physical thing that has a certain position and or extend in space that can be connected to various other information (temporal, spatial, events, sources etc.).
To record archaeological information a place can be divided into multiple subunits. The place can be understood as the superior unit and container for multiple further features (E.g. buildings, graves, pits, ditches, ramparts etc.). They are labelled as "Features" and can be accessed via the feautures tab. They are structured the same way as the place is and may also contain multiple subunits that are labelled as "Stratigraphic Units". The stratigraphic units can again contain multiple subunits labelled as finds and again are structured the same way as the superior units.

One example would be a graveyard. It will be the superior unit (Place). Each grave of this cemetery is a (sub)feature that forms part of the cemetery. Each grave is composed of one or many subunits (stratigraphic units). This would be the burials in the very grave (e.g. a primary and a secondary burial) and the backfilling. Each stratigraphic unit may have associated finds belonging to the respective unit: e.g. the grave goods of one of the burials, the finds found in the backfilling. (See fig.)

Also Humain remains can be recorded in detail, especially for anthropological analyses. This way each bone (resp. part of the human remains) can be recorded as subunits of stratigraphic units labelled as "Human Remains"



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Please check and release if okay. If you want more info, just let me know.


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Looks good and thank you for your effort. Now it has to be integrated in the Sphinx manual (

Like discussed, if you like I can show you how to do this in our next develop session where we could also take a look at the Thanados backend configuration issue.


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Added together with Stefan.


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