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Performance issues while linking pictures

Added by Nina Richards over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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When linking an already uploaded picture to a new databank entry the list with available pictures seems to load slower than before.

The workflow I've used: I uploaded several pictures connected to a citation. Then entered information into the database, created a new artifact, and wanted to link one of the already uploaded pictures. For that, I used the file tab, then the "Link" button.
Found in version 6.3.0



Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

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Thank you for reporting, especially for provided link and detailed description.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

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I looked into it. My first guess was that it was connected to issues with retrieving file stats but it turned out to be a more general problem displaying tables with detailed information for a lot of entries.
E.g. in Thanados you have already over 12.000 files.
Improving performance in this area will probably take a while so sorry for the inconvenience but we stay on it.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

  • Target version changed from 7.1.0 to 6.4.0

Beside looking into performance improvement in the software I requested more RAM for the THANADOS ACDH-CH server instance which seems to be part of the problem because on my own servers it runs 3 times faster.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

Sadly I was told from the ACDH-CH that it is not possible to make more resources available for performance of the THANADOS service on their side. I will still try to enhance it on the software side.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 year ago

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I managed to improve the performance when viewing tables with many entries, it should now be twice as fast. It's in the develop branch and will get online the next days with the next release.
Also I was told that the server situation at the ACDH-CH should improve over the next weeks, we will see about that but closing this ticket for now.

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