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Show actors at places from events

Added by Nicholas Melvani over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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It would be good if I could see the names of the actors associated with the event in the overview bar.
e.g. at MAMEMS instance:



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It's implemented, will be released with 7.0.0 but I run into some issues when displaying it.

First I tried to add table rows to the actor tab for events where the actor participated. But this felt wrong because there would be a row for every event. Lets say a small village has only links to 10 visits from one actor, it would look in the overview like that it is connected to 10 actors (instead of just one). If it is a place with many events (and participating actors) it would also get confusing having actors shown up multiple times in the actor tab.

In the end I implemented it in a way that actors who participated at an event show up only once in the event tab with the generic text participated at an event. Drawback there is that I can't link the event (because there can be multiple and we can't show a table in a table). So essentially you can now see that an actor is linked through an event at a place but will have to do some clicking to find out in which one.

I hope this will suffice for now, otherwise please create a new feature request. Ideally with describing the workflow where you would need it or even a suggestion how to display more detailed information.

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