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Extended Value Types

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In order to manage types, that require certain additional information I propose the following:

Idea: For e.g. radiocarbon data we need certain values that define the relation between an entity and the respective Type:
E18 physical thing (Wooden bucket) - P2 has type - Radiocarbon dating. The link itself has another property - P3 has note - E62 String
So we can document "Wooden bucket" - {"lab id": "VERA", "sample id": "VERA1234", "14C Years": 1200, "range": "30"} - Radiocarbon dating

This would apply to various cases. E.g. if you have certain measurements with a range like 500 +- 30, Or if you need to document the measuring device, its error or a certain method.

I suggest to define a new openatlas_class type to accomplish that.

When creating a new type like this (only doable by admins), the user defines a number of fields and their attributes: label + type of values (string, integer, float)
The user interface validates them when entered and displays them with the respective labels.

The information could be stored in the description field of the link. E.g. as JSON: {"label1": "string", "label 2": "string", "label 3": INT, "label 4": float}

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Thank you for reporting, I put it on the agenda for next meeting:


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Although we didn't manage to discuss it in depth in yesterday's meeting, I put it on Acknowledged and Wishlist for now.


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