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Switch between different network visualisations

Added by Nina Richards 7 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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For presenting the functionality of OpenAtlas, it would be great if there were a possibility to switch between the different options for network visualizations directly on the page of the network visualization. I was thinking about buttons here: to switch between the classic, 2D, and 3D views of the network visualization. Would that be possible?



Updated by Alexander Watzinger 7 months ago

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I like the idea to move the buttons for the different network views from the overview to the network views. It can than be easily switched and cleans up the overview.
Assigning this issue to you Nina, I can show how to do it in our next session when we can also layout it together.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 6 months ago

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In the new layout there is only one link at the start page that links to the classic network visualizations, once there buttons for the other versions are shown on top to make it easy to switch.

Thank you for reporting and helping with the redesign.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 6 months ago

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger 6 months ago

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