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Images in wrong order

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I uploaded multiple images at once into the THANADOS instance today (connected to a reference - here: I chose several pictures to be uploaded from my laptop named basically image 01, image 02, image 03, image 04, image 05. When uploaded, they appeared in the wrong order. The image I named image 01 is saved into the OpenAtlas instance as Willendorf_image 05, and the image that I named 05 on my laptop was uploaded as Willendorf_image 05.
As it is all images of stone tools that all look alike it was hard to figure out which one is which. Would it be possible to keep the order of images when they are uploaded into OpenAtlas?

I used the browse function to upload images, not the drag-and-drop option.

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As far as I understand using the image upload function for multiple images at once might be comfortable but has the drawback that they share the same name with an added number.
I'm not sure about the order, e.g. if it is name based, random or something else. Assigning this question to Bernhard who had implemented it to maybe take a look at it.
Once we know how the ordering works we can still decided, if or what we can do about it.

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

The more I think about it ... it should be possible to sort them by name but maybe we just keep the original filenames as names (without the extension). It should be no problem for the system (duplicates, special characters, ...) and the user would have much more freedom to keep their preferred naming. However, we would than have to make this change visible somehow to make it more transparent. E.g. a checkbox to keep original names or something like that.

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I tried it my self but cannot replicate the problem. Best thing is that you can show me personally.

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Closing because of missing feedback for some time. Please re-open in case this is still relevant.


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