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Manual: Subordinate artifacts (and places)

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Because of the questions below it came apparent that some parts about adding sub artifacts were missing in the manual. Missing documentation was added in the develop branch and will be part of the next release.

Original question
The E22 “artifacts” entry states that it can be used both for specific objects and for collections (e.g. a chess set). it would be very useful to be able to assign a given artifact as being subordinate to another - e.g. an entry for, say, the “Queen” to be both 1) an item in its own right and 2) part of the “chess set” as a whole.

(From my current understanding, at the moment an artifact can only be assigned as subordinate to a “place”)

Being able to do the same thing for an E53 "place" would also be useful, e.g. to be able to assign an individual "grave" to a
"graveyard", and then the "graveyard" to a given "settlement", etc.

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It is possible that an artifact can be a "sub" artifact of another one. E.g. a sword can consist of a blade and a hilt. You can go into as much details (levels) as you like.
This can be done at the detail view of an artifact: click on the artifact and than either add "subunit" to choose from existing artifacts or on "+ artifact" to create a new one.
The other way doing it would be to edit an artifact and choose a "super" which it is part of. This might be especial useful in case you want to re-arrange things.

It is not possible to structure places in the same way. But it is possible to add features to places, which in turn can have stratigraphic units and so on. Artifacts can be added at any of these.
You find more information about this in the manual:

I hope this answers your questions, please reply if it doesn't. Because the sub artifact tab isn't mentioned in the manual I will keep this issue open to not forget to add that.
Thank you for reporting.

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I added information about sub artifacts to the manual and it will be part of the next release.
Thank you again for reporting.


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