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Advanced date completion

Added by Stefan Eichert over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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If a timespan in the "date to" is entered for the begin or end of an entity only as year or month then the timespan created ends with the first day of the respective year/month.
It would be better to change this to the last day of the previous year/month i.e. 31.12.
Alternatively we could discuss if the users want to include the "year/month to". Then the year/month to date should include the whole date_to year/month.
The main question is: Does "begin to" or "end to" mean that the timespan ends before this date or include this date.

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This sounds like a good topic for a meeting. I was planning to organise a meeting for OpenAtlas involved people anyway.

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 5 years ago

About the question at the end: I made a small user survey if people assume that timespan start/end is in- or excluded when implementing the search with date criteria. Every person (about 12) said they would assume that the start/end date is included.

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The To date (the second value of timespans) autocomplete was rewritten.

It kind of tries to fill to the max e.g.

year only      1984    => 1984-12-31
year and month 1984-10 => 1984-10-31

The From date autocomplete stayes the same e.g.

year only      1984    => 1984-01-01
year and month 1984-10 => 1984-10-01

It was implemented in entity forms and search. Many thanks to Saranya Balasubramanian for support.

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