Feature #508

Updated by Stefan Eichert over 5 years ago

Information Carrier of Source (physic. object)

In CRM Types:
As discussed we should change the name for bibliographic types from "Secondary Source" to something else in the crm > types section.
I thought about this and suggest it would be better to do the following:

Stick to the bibtex standards:
Change the heading/top parent to "Bibliography items"

Create a new tab with topparent only for editions and treat it separately from the bibliography items

Change "Primary Source" to "Source"

In the actual bibliography page (../admin/bibliography/) I suggest these changes:

1. Change the Heading and menubar name to "references"
2. Use a tabbed layout (vertical divisions) or expandable sections (horizontal divisions) resp. a list. and offer buttons for: a) Bibliography b) Editions c) Information Carrier (later on we can also add a tab for images and other references we use)

2a.) for inserting an entry for edition we can use the same form as for bibliography but the type must only be selected form the "edition" type or children
2b.) for inserting an entry for information carrier i designed this form:

ad 2b) We can also implement this in a later version and add the information carrier directly from the "references" tab of "source"