Feature #952

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 4 years ago

Places of subunits are not shown (except detail and update view) because they filtered in get all GIS. 

 General: show additional units as polygons/markers 


 View: show unit itself and all subunits of this unit that are one level below. 

 * Place - show place and all features of this very place 
 * Feature - show Feature    and all strat. units of this very feature 
 * Strat. Unit - show Strat Unit and all finds of this very strat unit 
 * Find- show Find and all other finds of superior Strat unit 

 In edit and insert Edit mode: 

 * Place: show only Place as polygon/marker 
 * Feature: show selected feature and all other features of superior place in another shade 
 * Strat Unit: show selected Strat Unit and all other Strat Units of superior feature in another shade plus superior feature in another shade 
 * Find: show selected Find highlighted and all other Finds of superior Strat Unit in another shade plus superior feature and strat different shades 


 * Show at insert of sub