Feature #952

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 4 years ago

Places of sub units subunits are not shown (except detail and update view) because they filtered in get all GIS. 

 General: show additional units as polygons/markers 

 View: show unit itself and all sub units subunits of this unit that are one level below, zoom map to the extent of all the geoms of the place (including all sub units)  


 * Place - show place and all features of this very place 
 * Feature - show Feature    and all strat. units of this very feature 
 * Strat. Unit - show Strat Unit and all finds of this very strat unit 
 * Find- show Find and all other finds of superior Strat unit 

 In edit and insert mode: 

 * Place: show only Place as polygon/marker 
 * Feature: show selected feature and all other features of superior place in another shade 
 * Strat Unit: show selected Strat Unit and all other Strat Units of superior feature in another shade plus superior feature in another shade 
 * Find: show selected Find highlighted and all other Finds of superior Strat Unit in another shade plus superior feature and strat different shades