Feature #1462

Updated by Alexander Watzinger 3 months ago

Add a possibility to select a current owner (a legal body, e.g. an institute or museum) to an artifact (e.g. a coin).
This is needed by the SHAHI project but might be useful for other projects as well.

* Model: Artifact (E22) -> has current owner (P52) -> Actor
At **artifact** insert/update artifact there is now a new select field **Owned by** where "owned by" were an actor (person or group) can be selected selected.

To do:

* At **actor** view is a new tab *Artifact* where show owned artifacts are listed and can be linked and created tab at actor
* Model: Artifact (E22) -> has current owner (P52) -> Actor add buttons to artifacts tab to link or create artifacts from actor
* write tests
* update model graphic
* update documentation