Feature #1563

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 2 years ago

Currently the OpenAtlas model, which is closely connected to the CIDOC CRM, is described in openatlas/models/ 
 * Move the model to the database to e.g. guarantee data integrity on the database level 
 * The OpenAtlas classes will be "aware" of their standard type, possibility to add types, reference systems, aliases and many other (at the moment hard-coded) properties 
 * Views for OpenAtlas classes to display their properties and count of entities using it 

 h2. Database changes 

 Beside the new table *model.openatlas_class* (see above) there were many other structural changes to be aware of, especially if you depend on other systems using the database directly. 

 h3. Removed 

 Table **web.form** was removed. Historical we used it to track form related information which is now replaces with information about classes. Forms are now related to the classes in model.openatlas_class which is much more straightforward. 

 h3. Renamed 

 * Table model.class -> model.cidoc_class 
 * Table model.class_i18n -> model.cidoc_class_i18n 
 * Table model.class_inheritance -> model.cidoc_class_inheritance 
 * Table web.hierarchy_form -> web.hierarchy_openatlas_class (with foreign key openatlas_class_name to 
 * Field entity.class_code to cidoc_class_code 
 * Field entity.system_class to openatlas_class_name 

 h3. Restructuring of table web.hierarchy 

 Joining of the fields *standard*, *value_type* Joined standard, value_type and *locked* locked to *category* with possible values: 
 * Standard 
 * Custom 
 * Value 
 * System (e.g. external reference match)