Feature #1866

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

Andi noticed that there are some artifacts from the original, non Bootstrap, layout system. E.g. styling of form fields. 
 Thanks to Andi for bringing it up and offer to take care about it. 

 You can already see the work in progress at the development demo: 

 h2. Known issues 

 * Tab linking is broken, e.g. doesn't shows the event tab 
 * There is a top line border (.table > :not(:first-child) {border-top: 2px solid currentColor;} in _tables.scss 
 * When using a table field e.g. Residence, the table overlay has a vertical scrollbar, if used it just shows empty space on the right. 
 * When a type hierarchy was created but has no subs (so nothing to select), they shouldn't be included in the form but they appear now in the new layout