Feature #1866

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

Andi noticed that there are some artifacts from the original, non Bootstrap, layout system. E.g. styling of form fields. 
 Thanks to Andi for bringing it up and offer to take care about it. 

 You can already see the work in progress at the development demo: 

 h2. Known issues 

 h3. Minor 

 * At some tables the "Showing 1 to 12 of 12 entries" string is a 2 liner e.g. overview table on start page at 
 * class error doesn't render red font color (#721c24) anymore, e.g. form error at login without username 
 * Required star in next line (e.g. login and other line breaks in form labels (e.g. "Stylistic Classification" at 
   I guess that could be fixed with "white-space: nowrap"? 
   Similar issue is at info tables, see e.g. "Show email" at