OpenAtlas 7.17.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 7 months ago

News for Users

A complete list of changes is available here: 7.17.0.

News for admins
  • Please read carefully the install/upgrade/ notes before upgrading
  • New API version 0.4.0 (#2061) and features (#2087, #2087)
  • If you want to use the new IIIF functionality please consult the

Deprecation warning: because of the new API version 0.4.0 following functionality is now deprecated. API version 0.3.0 will be removed with the next OpenAtlas major version 8.0.0, probably around New Year 2024.

API version 0.4 breaking changes
  • API: Remove of /content endpoint
  • API: Rename name to label in first layer of /type_by_view_class/ and /type_overview/
  • API: Incorporate /classes into /backend_details
  • Backend: Deprecation of the content section in the admin area which was used by former presentation sites