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Moritz Großfurtner, 2024-04-30 16:39

OpenAtlas-Discovery API Meeting 2024-04

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.

The meeting will be about the presentation site and the API used to retrieve the relevant information.


  • OpenAtlas: Olivia Reichl, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz, Moritz Großfurtner


  • Can the types hierarchy be delivered with each step as JSON Object consisting of ID and Label for better navigation? Will be added✅
  • Get array of possible RelationTypes, as well as corresponding Description/Locale Strings via api? Array will be added, but we should create our own dictionary that can potentially be overwritten on a project basis. ✅
  • New format just to load overview tables faster? (Bernhard) Already in use for the map and not needed for the tables due to pagination ✅
  • Relation timespans (e.g. for actor relations) don't seem to be sent in the response. It seems, that the timespans sent with the relations are the ones of the linked entity, not of the relation. Will be adressed/fixed ✅
  • Weekly plan till end of June with focus on Bernhard only being available till end of May. One aspect would be to see what's possible in that time frame and also to have some measurable milestones to monitor the progress and adapt if necessary. (Alex)

Topics raised in the meeting
  • Discuss how to handle previous & next object e.g. for artifacts belonging to a grave. Should it be fetched clientside or can it be added to the response object of an Entity request?

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