A collection of ideas that haven't made it into an own ticket yet.


Entity view

  • 2021: don't show link buttons in tabs if there are no entities to link


  • 2020: How to remove nodes from jsTree (e.g. remove self from selection)


  • 2022: Validations: separate existing validators, get others out of views (e.g. was_modified)
  • 2021: Fix order at model checker form table fields
  • 2021: at event:also check if super is not a sub event of itself (recursively), even better would be not to provide them as option
  • 2021: don't show self e.g. when adding a relation at person
  • 2020: Disable save if JavaScript is disabled
  • 2020: Places, add if not existing in same form (residence, first/last). Implementation could be a simplified add_place Ajax form to not leave the current form.
  • 2020: Don't show fields with no content e.g. residence if there are no places
  • 2020: Provide "save and continue" even when adding from another class
  • 2021: Validation (e.g. event) removes table field selections
  • 2021: Update links instead recreate, test first in Journal application
  • 2021: Merge link update form with insert forms to get rid off returning link ids, what about double standard type?, maybe look into sub forms?


  • 2022: If you click on the search field in the map, the page jumps to the top of the page (reported by Nina)
  • 2020: Refactor all parameters to one big variable
  • 2020: Add an additional area where existing geometries are shown (don't use label "features")
  • 2020: In e.g. person view "blue" (selected) marker can vanish behind "grey" markers if they get out of focus when zooming in and later should reappear when zooming out again
  • 2020: Advanced options for GeoNames search (e.g. select categories, fuzzy or not, ..)
  • 2020: Search function for existing entities on map
  • 2020: Show type-tree instead only type name i.e. details on the map, maybe with a tool tip
  • 2020: Click on intersecting polygons


  • 2020: Add database description from MEDCON/ARCHE


  • 2020: Add a default value to settings and show if they are changed in views
  • 2020: List fields: make buttons instead of white-space separated strings (e.g. feedback mail receiver)

External References

e.g. GeoNames, Wikidata
  • 2020: Provide link to check at data entry
  • 2020: Show additional information e.g. if Wikidata id is provided also show (their) GeoNames id, Pelagios, ...


Integrity checks

  • Events: check dates for super and proceeding events (wait for CIDOC 7.1)
  • Events: check links between super and proceeding events, e.g. one event can't have the same other event as super and proceeding (wait for CIDOC 7.1)


  • 2021: link insert - build only one SQL and get execution out of loop
  • 2020: Delete multiple
  • 2020: Place links e.g.
  • 2020:
  • 2020: Update nodes, update GIS:
    At the moment when a main entity (e.g. source) is updated all types are delete and types selected in the form are saved (again).
    For better traceability and performance refactor so that already linked types aren't deleted and saved again. The same goes for GIS data.


  • 2020: Implement B.C. dates
  • 2020: Warn if inconsistent dates (e.g. begin for end)
  • 2020: Warn if missing dates (e.g. begin_to without begin_from)

Unsorted ideas

  • 2021: prevent exposing the database password to the process list at export_sql
  • 2020: Anonymous names for actor (e.g if name unknown)
  • 2020: Run tests from command line and write to install
  • 2020: Installation script and/or Debian packages
  • 2020: Multi instance capability #924
  • 2020: Annotate text
  • 2020: Show membership at appears first if available
  • 2020: Functionality to track climate date values (time rows)

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