A collection of ideas that haven't made it into an own ticket yet.


  • Tags for projects like at (e.g. history, archaeology and prosopography, concluded, available open data ...)




  • 2023: make frontend code testable and write tests (e.g. to identify unused code)

Entity view

  • 2024: Make a link button available in artifact tabs. Challenge there would be that artifacts are linked very different depending on the corresponding entity.
  • 2021: don't show link buttons in tabs if there are no entities to link
  • 2020: Show membership at appears first if available


  • 2024: Form HTML validation errors because label for at multi table fields isn't valid for the span button so it should be transformed to an input button but the layout has to be adapted, see e.g.
  • 2024: Dynamic entity add: re-filling of tables after adding an entity doesn't work (anymore) but would be useful e.g. at actor when wanting to add a residence and the same place as birth/dead place
  • 2023: Dynamic entity add: custom required types are ignored (e.g. case study at place or type). Could be problematic but not sure if it is worth the effort to add these into popup forms. Also we can't offer there e.g. an add type too.
  • 2023: Dynamic entity add: it's only available for "table select" but not for "multi table select" (e.g. artifact at source). Of course it would be nice to have it there too but not sure how difficult to implement and if it there are unwanted side effects
  • 2023: Filter functions in form fields ignore table name because it's present in a JavaScript call in table cells. Would be nice to fix but not sure how complicated this is.
  • 2022: Member/membership: add + buttons for person/group in tab. But difficult how to differ from relation link because they too have an actor entity as origin
  • 2022: Better validation for reference systems: names have to be unique and when adding one with an existing name a transaction error occurs which works but is ugly but when updating one to an existing name strange things happen.
  • 2021: Update links instead recreate, test first in Journal application


  • 2020: Add an additional area where existing geometries are shown (don't use label "features")
  • 2020: Search function for existing entities on map


  • 2020: Add a default value to settings and show if they are changed in views

External Reference System (GeoNames, Wikidata)

  • 2023: Retrieve and offer data from external reference systems (e.g. name, birthday, ... when creating a new person)
  • 2020: Show additional information e.g. if Wikidata id is provided also show (their) GeoNames id, Pelagios, ...
  • 2020: Advanced options for GeoNames search (e.g. select categories, fuzzy or not, ..)

Integrity checks

  • Events: check dates for super and proceeding events
  • Events: check links between super and proceeding events, e.g. one event can't have the same other event as super and proceeding


  • 2020: Implement B.C. dates
  • 2020: Warn if inconsistent dates (e.g. begin for end)
  • 2020: Warn if missing dates (e.g. begin_to without begin_from)

Third party software

  • 2023: with gettext 0.23 (currently 0.21 in Debian/bookworm) it should be possible to use translated strings in f-strings, e.g. f'{_("welcome")} {username}'

Time intensive and requires substantial financing


  • 2023: Multi language support for data (#1925, on roadmap)
  • 2023: Factoid model (linking data details to sources, make multiple and even conflicting data details possible), see
  • 2023: Track data changes (e.g. description diffs)
  • 2020: Multi instance capability #924
  • 2020: Debian package

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