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No map overlay possible

Added by Nina Richards 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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With the new maps it does not seem to be possible to add images such as graveyard plots to the maps anymore. I used the Demo Dev (7.2.0) to try.

I added a file to a place ( and set it to overlay with valid coordinates (the image should be visible at the marked place when adding a new feature to said place). Unfortunately, no plan is visible when adding a feature (see

Using the same workflow and coordinates in the Demo version (7.1.1) instead of the Demo Dev version I can see the file in the map when editing a feature (see here (but only visible after pressing edit button)).

Additional information: Map overlay is set to on in both the Demo and Demo Dev version used.


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Updated by Alexander Watzinger 3 months ago

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Can confirm.

At the demo you can see it working at:, you have to zoom in, also I noticed that there is an additional and activated item called Plan in the lap layers menu.
At the demo-dev it isn't visible and there is no Plan item in the layer menu:
But you can see that there is an image set as overlay for the feature "above" here:

You find more information about how overlays should work in the manual:
I deactivated the demo reset scripts for now to give Andi, whom I assigned it to, a chance to look at it.

Thank you Nina for testing and reporting. Andi, please let me know if I can be of assistance.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 3 months ago


Updated by Andreas Olschnögger 3 months ago

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I have implemented the map overlay for the new map this feature is now in the develop branch.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 3 months ago

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Can confirm that it is now working as expected as you can see in the specified demo-dev links provided before (but only today, I reactivated the reset demo scripts again).
THANADOS is updated too and I removed the issue target version because it was a develop bug.
Thank you Nina for reporting and Andi for fixing it so fast.

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