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Manual: document missing +Link button for events at place

Added by Enric Rodellas about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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It is not possible to link existing events at a place view in the event tab. Because this raised questions (see below) we added information about it to the manual.

Original question
For example, At
I think is missing the button +Link.
If I want link a event to a place it's not possible. Only can create events in this tab

I expect it would be possible to link several events to a place... or I'm misunderstanding something.

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 year ago

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The reason that no + Link is provided in the event tab of a place is that there are too many issues which are difficult to present in a clear way.
Depending on the event class there could be multiple possibilities in which relation the place should be linked:
  • Activity
    • Location
  • Acquisition
    • Location
    • Given place
    • Given artifact
  • Creation
    • Location
  • Event
    • Location
  • Move
    • From
    • To
  • Production
    • Location

So if we are using a simple + Link like in other cases we would have to "decide" the kind of relation. E.g. we could say it's always Location except for Move where we may take From as default.
But even than it would be problematic, e.g lets say a user wants to link a place as Location for an Activity. So the user would click on the + Link button and choose an Activity without knowing if a maybe already existing location link to another place gets overwritten. It gets even more complicated if it's an Acquisition or Move event if the user isn't aware of the defaults. Or if you choose multiple events ...

I will leave this question open for a few days in case you or someone else has an idea how to solve this in a way that is still intuitive for users.

Nevertheless thank you for raising the topic. Even if we just close it later we now have the reason documented for later reference and may even add this to the manual.

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Thanks again for reporting, information about it was added to the manual. Closing this issue but keeping it for later reference.


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