OpenAtlas 7.3.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger about 2 years ago

In this release we worked mostly on improving existing features, especially when working with types.
A complete list of changes is available here: 7.3.0.

News for users
  • Types set to multiple can now be switched to single if there are no multiple linked entities. You can check for multiple links in the type overview (#1501)
  • A type can now be removed even if it has subs and/or linked entities. A warning page showing concerning subs and entities will be shown (#1498)
  • Users with the contributor role can now only delete entries they have created themselves (#1388)
  • API performance improvements which are advantageous for e.g. presentation sites (#1655)
  • Step by step examples for move events in manual (#1700)
News for admins
  • After doing software updates you can use the script install/upgrade/ to update the database as well. It can be used over multiple releases beginning from 6.6.0 (#1604)
  • gis database schema tables were merged into one table at the model schema. In case external applications depend on direct database access you should take care about that (#1631)
  • With the next release (7.4.0) the API version 0.2 will be deprecated and version 0.3 will be the new default. Version 0.2 will still be available (probably about 2 releases) until it will be removed.