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14:58 OpenAtlas Feature #2158 (Acknowledged): Georeferencing/Overlay same File multiple Places
When a file/map is linked to a place and georeferenced, using overlay, this positioning is not transferred if the sam... Roland Filzwieser


10:21 OpenAtlas Bug #2124: No modifications at preceding event
As an example, when trying to connect with the preceding event https://th... Roland Filzwieser


15:56 OpenAtlas Bug #2124 (Closed): No modifications at preceding event
When trying to connect an event with a preceding event, it seems that Modifications do not show up in the list to be ... Roland Filzwieser


10:32 OpenAtlas Question #2046 (Closed): Place: no link button for existing actors
On the detailed view of Places, it is possible to create new Actors (+Person, +Group) but it is not to Link the Place... Roland Filzwieser


09:49 OpenAtlas Bug #1968 (Closed): Missing external reference default precision
External reference does no longer provide the default precision. Roland Filzwieser


14:36 OpenAtlas Feature #1289: Citation example for edition and bibliography
Alexander Watzinger wrote:
> Thank you for the text, we could place it below the form when inserting or updating.
Roland Filzwieser


12:04 OpenAtlas Feature #1289: Citation example for edition and bibliography
The following text would be my suggestion to put under the input field as citation guidelines. It is inspired by the ... Roland Filzwieser


11:59 OpenAtlas Feature #1279 (Closed): Change "Add" button label to "Link"
At the OpenAtlas and THANADOS workshop it was decided to rename the *Add* button label to *Link* to make it easier un... Roland Filzwieser
11:37 OpenAtlas Question #1277 (Closed): Description 2 (invisible)
As discussed at the workshop, maybe it would be useful to have a second description field below the actual descriptio... Roland Filzwieser


14:38 OpenAtlas Bug #1188 (Closed): Missing map in add feature view
When inserting a new feature (e.g. new grave) in insert mode the basemap does not appear, only a gray rectangle and z... Roland Filzwieser

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