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Map enhancements

Added by Roland Filzwieser 10 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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In view mode: display the respective unit (blue) and its subunits (green) e.g. place and all features of this place. Do not show superior unit e.g. do not show the place in the feature view.
Due to that too many markers can be hindering for orientation, it should be possible to switch the markers off.

In insert and edit mode: display the respective unit (blue) and its sibling units (green) e.g. grave (blue) and all other graves of this place (grey). Do not show superior- or sub-units e.g. only show the selected grave and sibling graves.

However, show marker of superior unit to make it easier findable.
Due to that too many markers can be hindering for orientation, it should be possible to switch the markers off.

It seems that intermediate centerpoints are calculated on the fly. They should only be calculated if there is no point geometry. If there is point geometry no calculated centerpoint is needed.

Zoom (in view/edit/insert): Zoom to bounds of all units (recursive) of this place if zoom is < 22; Else zoom to default value from profile settings



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Thank you for the feedback.

Better zoom and a toggle functions for markers will be added after Bootstrap implementation. If you didn't meant to toggle all markers please specify there (#1137) which one should be toggled.


Updated by Sonja Mayer 10 months ago

Just tested:

In insert mode all features of a place are shown, but in edit mode only the respective unit is displayed.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 10 months ago

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As soon as we have fixed following issues I will merge it to the develop branch which is important so that it can be integrated to the bootstrap branch.

  • The new general/polygones/linestrings option which are not marked by default - I'm not sure what they are about and guess others will wonder too
  • We should look at the new zoom/cluster mechanics, test edge cases and maybe remove some admin/profile options if they are not needed anymore

@ Stefan: Many thanks for the work, I especially like the new cluster toggle option. Assigning this ticket to you.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 9 months ago

@ Stefan:

I implemented a default_zoom setting. Default for is 12 (can be changed with DEFAULT_ZOOM in instance/ which can be overridden by users in their profile.

It is than injected in templates/map.html as a JavaScript variable called mapDefaultZoom and would be available in map scripts like the mapMaxZoom variable.

Please implement so that if e.g. only one place is shown the map zooms only to the default zoom (currently it zooms to max zoom).

It's already committed in the develop branch on GitHub and online at


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