OpenAtlas 7.10.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

A complete list of changes is available here: 7.10.0.

News for Users
  • New event class Creation to track creators of documents (#1934)
  • Radiocarbon dating (#1090)
  • New layout with (more) Bootstrap which looks nicer, is more consistent and works better with smaller devices (#1866)
  • Additional user interface translations: Spanish and Catalan (#1921)
  • Showing disk space used by the project (#1940)
  • Experimental functionality to fetch data from ARCHE (#1848)
  • Many form improvements like unified error messages and easier to use multi select fields
  • Additional documentation in the user manual
News for Admins and Developers
  • A new package (python3-requests) is needed
  • In case you are using tests, adaption in the test configuration is needed
  • For more details see install/upgrade/