OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 5.5.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger over 3 years ago

In this release
  • A new profile module option Subunits to toggle display of archeological features
  • Default module options for new users in admin/modules
  • New features improving usability and layout (implementing results from the OpenAtlas Hackathon earlier this year)
  • A few menu items moved to the menu icon at the top right

You'll find more details here: 5.5.0.
After the update users should check their profile and manager the default modules settings to adjust them if needed. You find more information about modules in the context help at the respective pages.
Also a big thank you to the OpenAtlas Hackathon participants for their ideas and work .

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 5.4.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger over 3 years ago

In this release:
  • Manual topics were added
  • Imports can now contain types
  • API functionality was expanded
  • All known bugs were fixed

You'll find more details here: 5.4.0

Importent note for developers and maintainers:
We renamed our main branch which is also used for productive systems from master to main. For this upgrade you have to fetch and checkout the main branch. You can delete the master branch afterwards.


Also available in: Atom