Feature votes

To provide more options to participate in our workflow we introduced voting for features:
  • To vote add your name and +1 under the description of a feature (or add as note) e.g. Alex +1
  • Only 3 votes on open tickets are allowed per user
  • Only Alex edits the lists below to avoid confusion.

We try to keep this list current and take your votes (query) into account when planning next features. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee because there are others criteria as well e.g. there may be technical requisites.
Sadly the 12 year old Redmine request Add voting to tickets was never implemented (I voted 5 years ago, maybe you want to add a +1 comment there too) so we have to do it manually.


# Feature Prerequisite
3 #1285 Improve value types display
1 #1352 Tool for Anthropological Analyses
1 #1277 Description 2 (invisible)
1 #1215 Time spans for types
1 #1047 Import geometries
1 #1091 References for Types #930
User Votes
Alexander Watzinger #1285
Bernhard Koschicek #1285 #1277 #1047
Stefan Eichert #1352 #1215 #1091 #1285

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