From 2022-04-22 to 2022-05-21


17:12 Feature #1719: Citation examples for entries
Alex: I'm not actually sure what we want the final name of this presentation site to be. I've asked David, and when I... Becca Grose
13:07 Feature #1719: Citation examples for entries
Thank you very much for the feedback, I changed the list of questions in the description to a list of suggested imple... Alexander Watzinger
07:52 Feature #1719: Citation examples for entries
Hi Alex,
Would it be possible to display the 'entry author' category? (custom type:
Becca Grose
12:54 Question #1718: Links to the backend
Sorry about the misunderstanding, it is very unfortunate that the design specification (and possible problems with it... Alexander Watzinger
12:21 Feature #1712: Data license (CC BY 4.0) visible in all pages
Thank you for the feedback, we will display the license CC BY 4.0 for all data on all pages.
@ Andi, assigning to yo...
Alexander Watzinger
07:45 Feature #1712: Data license (CC BY 4.0) visible in all pages
Hi Alex,
Thanks for this. David has confirmed that the licence should be CC BY 4.0.
Becca Grose


21:18 Question #1718: Links to the backend
There seems to have been a serious misunderstanding somewhere. The final website should allow the reader to access al... Becca Grose


11:31 Feature #1716 (Resolved): Navigation
Andreas Olschnögger
10:48 Feature #1715: Side wide search
The problem I encountered with a full text search on the name and description is that when you search for e.g. a pers... Andreas Olschnögger


14:47 Feature #1656: Detail view
Added specification for actors and updating general information Alexander Watzinger
13:45 Feature #1719 (Closed): Citation examples for entries
Suggestion taken from sent documents:
[author],[ Entry name] - [Case Study], Database Name, [ record number] – [UR...
Alexander Watzinger
13:29 Question #1718 (Closed): Links to the backend
Taken from received documents:
Hyperlinks should be added to the back end, so that all locations, people, letters,...
Alexander Watzinger
13:24 Feature #1717 (Closed): Additional static pages
It would be possible to add static pages, e.g. ‘User Guide’ and ‘Methodology.’
Please add the content of these sit...
Alexander Watzinger
13:20 Feature #1716 (Closed): Navigation
As specified in received documents
* A 3 dot menu button (navigation draw) on right top (Explore entries)
* Sitem...
Alexander Watzinger
13:17 Feature #1715 (Closed): Side wide search
Our suggestion for implementation of a side wide search would be:
* Location like now, a search bar at the top
* ...
Alexander Watzinger
13:01 Feature #1714 (Closed): Map improvements
Taken from received specification documents
* The map should show all move events
* Removing event subgroup categ...
Alexander Watzinger
12:51 Feature #1713 (Closed): Display partners and their logos
As requested we will add project partners logos and link them like we have them on the OpenAtlas website see: https:/... Alexander Watzinger
12:44 Feature #1712 (Closed): Data license (CC BY 4.0) visible in all pages
CONNEC requested that the license is displayed on all pages, which we think is a very good idea. We have to different... Alexander Watzinger


14:48 Feature #1685 (Closed): Make static links work
Thanks Andi for looking into it and Christoph for providing assistance. I took some time and looked into it too, mult... Alexander Watzinger


09:19 Feature #1685: Make static links work
Hi everyone, it should be just a matter of inserting a @.htaccess@ file in the root directory of the @dist@ version l... Christoph Hoffmann


19:41 Feature #1685: Make static links work
I talked with Christoph about it and he told he managed this to work and it's documented in the bottom of the README ... Alexander Watzinger

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