From 2022-09-28 to 2022-10-27


04:35 Question #1804 (Closed): Map Layout
Let's keep the layer feature. The changes you made look great. Thank you so much, Andi! Natasha Kimmet


10:38 Question #1804: Map Layout
I have now changed the starting page of the website.
I assign this ticket to @nkimmet for deciding weather to keep ...
Andreas Olschnögger
10:35 Feature #1808: Additional static content
I have now updated the footer und unified font sizing.
Please have a look and let me know if there is something tha...
Andreas Olschnögger


01:27 Question #1804: Map Layout

> * Concerning the layers:
> ** This feater is programmed by the cartographs and allows the user to choose between...
Gosia Lenko
01:13 Question #1804: Map Layout
Andreas Olschnögger wrote:
> As far as I understand these issues should be resolved on our side:
> * Navigating the...
Gosia Lenko
00:31 Feature #1806 (Closed): Add info buttons for all viewing modes
Gosia Lenko
00:23 Feature #1799: Show license and credit line for images
Dear Andreas,
I tried few examples and noticed some problems, so I think this still needs some improvement (and un...
Gosia Lenko


23:20 Feature #1808: Additional static content
Dear all,
last week I had a chance to briefly look at the front end with Prof. Klimburg. She was very happy with w...
Gosia Lenko
22:25 Feature #1809: Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
Missing information re: inscriptions and coins:
+Green field:+
> Date (don’t show words “from”...
Gosia Lenko


16:43 Feature #1809 (In Progress): Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
The view for stationary objects / portable objects and archaeological sites has been adapted.
Andreas Olschnögger
14:57 Feature #1805 (Resolved): Collections: Gallery Overview
The layout of the collection images is improved and for faster loading of the images their thumbnails are taken.
@ @...
Andreas Olschnögger
14:53 Feature #1800 (Closed): Detail View
Details of this ticket are already included in #1809. Andreas Olschnögger
10:19 Feature #1807 (Resolved): Bibliography place missing
The bibliography now also shows the place information.
@ @nkimmet please have a look at it and close this issue if i...
Andreas Olschnögger
10:15 Feature #1798 (Closed): Collection ids in URLs
The url of the collections is now accessible with permalinks using the id of the collection.
(e.g. Red Clay-based B...
Andreas Olschnögger
10:03 Feature #1833 (Closed): Upgrade to API 0.3
API has been upgraded to 0.3. Andreas Olschnögger


16:46 Feature #1833 (Assigned): Upgrade to API 0.3
Alexander Watzinger


16:51 Feature #1833 (Closed): Upgrade to API 0.3
OpenAtlasDiscovery should be upgraded to API 0.3, so that we can remove the API 0.2 in the OpenAtlas application.
Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
10:12 Feature #1810: Toolbar with categories of material cultures
Dear Gosia, thank you for pointing out this error.
I have already fixed it and now all subtypes are displayed as we...
Andreas Olschnögger


11:19 Feature #1810: Toolbar with categories of material cultures
Dear all, we will take care about this issue as soon as possible but first I believe that I noticed a problem.
In ...
Gosia Lenko


17:13 Feature #1805: Collections: Gallery Overview
I'm absolutely deeply sorry, that I missed this issue!
Yes, indeed, there is a way. OpenAtlas serves two sizes in i...
Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
16:25 Feature #1805: Collections: Gallery Overview
@ @Berni - can you give feedback on this. Thank you. Alexander Watzinger
11:29 Feature #1808: Additional static content
> Impressum/Imprint – add the following:
> * FWF Stand-alone Project P-31246 “Cultural Formation and Transformat...
Andreas Olschnögger


11:00 Feature #1809: Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
Thank you for the update and additional information, I re-assigning this issue to Andi. Alexander Watzinger


22:04 Feature #1809: Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
Please reorganize order of displaying information as follows:
*Stationary objects and portable objects:*
* Wit...
Gosia Lenko

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