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As I add CIDOC CRM classes to the manual at the moment I was wondering if there is documentation for the shortcuts OA8 (begins in) and OA9 (ends in) that I can link to? I was not able to find anything on the model page ( nor the OpenAtlas class index ( If there is nothing like that yet, should we add the information somewhere?

Furthermore, in the archaeological hierarchy model ( E22 is named man-made object (artifact) while E22 is actually named Human-Made Object according to the CIDOC CRM definitions 7.1.1. Maybe we should update this as well?


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As for documentation of CIDOC shortcuts we are using, you find them here:
But before linking this in the manual you should definitely check with Stefan, who is documenting these, before.

Just to be save we might should consider adding these texts to the manual as a precaution to prevent outdated links in the future.

As for the wrong label for E22 in the model image: thanks for reporting, I fixed it in develop.


Updated by Nina Richards 3 months ago

I checked in with Stefan this morning and according to him, the OA shortcuts are still up to date. So, if that's okay for everyone, I would put a short text about them into the manual next time I'm working on it and provide links where fitting in the manual.


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As mentioned before I would suggest moving the 4 Redmine Model and concept pages as a whole to the manual which would have multiple advantages:
  • Better readability and accessibility
  • Documentation is always corresponding to used software version
  • No danger of outdated links to Redmine

As for implementation I would suggest a new main menu item Model and merging there the existing manual model page and the first Redmine page OpenAtlas_and_CIDOC_CRM, with the other sites as sub pages.
After this move we could do the same with the API documentation and so would have a clean separation with the manual as central documentation and Redmine for planning (issues, roadmap) and operative (e.g. online versions) related information.

Thank you very much for taking care of this. Although very important, the model documentation was done around 2020 and (beside minor cosmetic updates from me) not actively maintained.


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The shortcuts are described in the archive:


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There seem to be still dates and references model documentation missing, see:
But it looks very nice already and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for time and effort.


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