OpenAtlas 7.7.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

This version contains a lot of new functionality, mainly to make entering and structuring of places, artifacts and subunits a lot easier.
A complete list of changes is available here: 7.7.0.

News for Users
  • Artifacts and human remains can now be linked directly to places or subunits (#1587).
  • Artifacts can now be used in acquisition events (#1641)
  • Linking references to multiple subunits (#1541)
  • New places can now be added in forms dynamically (#1785)
  • Intersecting polygons on the map can now be selected individually (#1790)
  • Additional checks for orphaned subunits are available in the admin area (#1811)
  • A new GeoJSON is available in the API (#1817)
  • The manual now also provides information about the model (#1751)
  • There are some details to take care of when updating. So be sure to read the upgrade notes before (install/upgrade/
  • This is the last version that will support the deprecated API version 0.2. In case other systems still depend on it, they should be updated to use the 0.3 version before the next release.